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Ticket to Ride: Portugal

Ticket to Ride: Portugal (Light)
Ticket to Ride: Portugal is created by Helio Andrade. The image above shows the light version for 2-3 players. The original Ticket to Ride is designed by Alan R. Moon and published by Days of Wonder.

Helio Andrade has created a map of Portugal for the Ticket to Ride board game. This map is the first fan-produced map intended for play with advanced Ticket to Ride: Märklin rules including merchandise tokens, passengers, long and short destination tickets.

The board is also available in two versions.

  • Light version: The light version is recommended for 2-3 players. Few double routes make it difficult to reach some areas if you play it with 4-5 players (which can be nice if you like cut-throat games). During playtesting, the light version makes it difficul to complete some routes in the enf-game.

  • Advanced version: The advanced version is recommended for 4-5 players and contains more double routes. This version is better for those who don't like others to block them.

Ticket to Ride Portugal (Advanced)
Avanced version version of Ticket to Ride: Portugal

To download the map, go to the author's site by clicking here.

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Thank you for the post!
For those who had already visited the website, now it has been updated with detailed info on how to assemble a carton board, more detailed explanations on how to setup the game and some photos of my own version after assembled.


There is a new expansion at http://ttr.servegame.com/

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