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Ticket to Ride: Scandinavia

Ticket to Ride Scandinavia was created by Andreas Ericson. The Ticket to Ride board game is designed by Alan R. Moon and published by Days of Wonder.

Andreas Ericson has designed an unofficial Ticket to Ride game of Scandinavia. The map has no double routes but slightly more cities than the original Ticket to Ride. The map covers a little bit more terrain than the Hansa map, but the Baltic sea is ever prominent and many, many ferry routes are available. On his website, http://ttr.servegame.com, Andreas describes what's new in his fan-prodcued game:

I have added some value cards to mix with the short route cards. That makes for pleasant surprises and gives the players incentive to pick new ticket cards. That in turn leads to a more ticket oriented game strategy, which I personally think is more challenging than just playing to get "the long ones". I also added six rule cards. I recommend to shuffle them and draw one before each game. Each rule card bends the characteristics of the game a little, to give the impression that every game is fresh and new. A couple of things with the kit that can hardly be called inventive, is the lack of double routes, long routes and tunnels. If that is good or bad is a matter of taste. The friends that have helped me with the testing think it works just fine.

Below is a short summary of the additional cards introduced to the game:

  • Veto: Card owner may stop other players building a route

  • Public Line: One route is build by a public company. This route is available for all players

  • Ghost Line: At the end of the game, an unused route can be claimed in exchange for four victory points

  • Jackpot: The player can pick up all 5 open train / waggon cards

  • Overtime: Build two routes in the same turn

  • Carte blanche: One (unfulfilled) destination ticket can be ignored at the end of the game

  • Tax rules: Changes the number of victory points for claiming routes

  • Ordinary times: Rules from original Ticket to Ride or Ticket to Ride Europe may be applied

  • Good times: Two cities give additional points to any connection to these two cities.

  • 4-tune: The scoring track adds additional fun: If the play piece ends on a special symbol, players can draw or discard destination tickets (depending on the symbol)

  • Risk capital: Additional trains are made available before the game starts

  • Quarantine: One city is quarantied and no routes are permitted to connect to this city.

I believe these new cards contain some pretty interesting concepts and can spice up the game considerably. They might also be a good extension to the basic Ticket to Ride game. Scandinavia seems to be a well designed expansion. I will certainly try and build my own copy - maybe for Christmas?! :D

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Thanks N for a great review and a great site!

I have listened to testers of my expansion kit and have made some changes following their suggestions.
The game board and ticket cards are the same, but there are now new value cards and rule cards.
There is now also possible to download the card image files in 600dpi resolution.

I have now had version two of my text cards translated to seven languages, including German. Among other changes, the downloading options have been much improved since the Naturelich review. So maybe it is time for a new one?

Finally I have updated the game board with a new border and changes to the routes, following suggestions from players.

there is no valid link to a website from which to download this game

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