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Essen 2006 - Photo show

Some first visual impressions from Thursday and Friday at Essen. More to follow after the show together with some longer comments...

I will start with the motto of all Essen visits. People playing a game on the floor at the Kosmos booth wearing some interesting T-Shirts...

Nein, dieser TISCH wird nach dem Spiel nicht frei
(No this *TABLE* will not be available after this game)

Battlelore hype at the Days of Wonder booth

Playing Battlelore (Yes, we did it!). And yes, it's totally worth the hype. Unfortuntaley the game was only available for pre-order

We also got to play Cleopatra and the Society of Architects

Taluva by Hans im Glück - My personal favorite so far

Taluva works great as a two-player game

Over-sized game of Haste Bock (Shear Panic)

Teuber's Kampf um Rom at the Kosmos booth

Kampf um Rom - Pretty close to a Euro-Wargame hybrid?! Although there is no combat, it has some contfrontation. But whether it will be successful?

Details of the Kampf um Rom board

Another popular title: Kosmos' Die Säulen der Erde with about 2 hours of playing time (at the show)

Space Dealer - Real-time gaming at the extremely crowded Eggertspiele booth. Most innovative game we have seen. Maybe the next Geheimtip?

Space Dealer sessions - A game lasts exactly 30 minutes but people were willing to wait at the booth for 60-90 minutes just to get a table...

Space Dealer details (at home)

Imperial designed by Mac Gerdts and published by Eggertspiele. Similarities with Antike are intentional

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Nice pics. I'd like to see more info on Taluva and your thoughts on the game play of Space Dealer.

Beautiful pictures. Thanks.

I'm glad to hear that BattleLore meets expectations and I can't wait to hear about Taluva since I love the look of it.

The full Essen 2006 report is postponed to give you additional information on Taluva. Space Dealer will also be covered in a longer post in the near future.

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