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Québec Province - An unofficial map for Ticket to Ride

Québec Province - An unofficial map for Ticket to Ride. Designed by Guilain (aka Alien). Ticket to Ride is designed by Alan R. Moon and published by Days of Wonder.

You like playing the original Ticket to Ride game? Your favorite destination ticket is the 20 pointer from Vancouver to Montreal? Well, then here is your chance to look beyond Montreal! A new unofficial, fan-produced map is available on Canadian blog Les Plateaux. This French language blog - hosted by Philippe Beaudoin, Yves Phaneuf and Pierre Poissant-Marquis - is extremely well done. The map is designed by Guilain (aka Alien) who forwarded the map to Philippe.

Montreal and surrounding areas

The Québec Province map is played with the original Ticket to Ride rules and components. This includes the final 10-point score for the longest route. The map is the first to ever include a route of length 9. What a challenge! Such a long route will be difficult to complete without locomotive wildcards, as there are only 12 cards of one color in a standard TtR game. To compensate, the rewards are high: the lucky player finishing this route scores a heavy 24 points - and that's even more than the 20 points from Vancouver to Montreal in the original game.

To get the competition going, download the PDF-map and all the destination ticket cards from Les Plateaux. Enjoy!

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Wow, you're quick at spotting new TtR home-made extensions! I was just planning to let you know about this one, since you do a great job of collecting all the extensions on this blog.

If you read a little further down Les Plateaux, you may have noticed that we will hold a "home-made extension TtR competition" at our local convention, on april 2nd. That's mostly thanks to you, since you offer the most complete list of such extensions. I'll point you to pictures and let you know which ones were successful.

Thanks for this great blog, hope to talk to you again soon.

The official web address from Les Plateaux is http://lesplateaux.eludique.com ;)
The Map is very nice... congratulation.

Thanks for this map of Quebec. We have played it 2, 3 and 4 players. It is great; we have just allowed the use of stations (from the european official map); sometimes it helps!
Only one remark/suggestion: the numbers of point for each mission card is not always the shortest total number of trains between arrival and departure. From our experience, most maps, official and non official ones, do follow this unwritten rule. If not, it does introduce some penalties in the game which are not necessary to our opinion.
Un salut de France à nos amis du québec !

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