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GLA #14: Best of board games podcasts

Many board games podcasts have surfaced on the web. And although release frequency and show quality vary a little bit between shows they are generally very appealing to the casual Geek (I am trying to understate this - actually, I personally believe they are rrreally cool and would not want to miss them any more - but maybe that's just me). Several GeekLists have been created that combine the best shows for several different podcasts. Hopefully, this GLA allows you to quickly browse the recommendations by other BGG users.

GeekList #13471: Board Games to Go - "All About" show listing by Christopher Boothe
Boardgames To Go is one of the most mature game podcasts available: the show around since March3rd, 2005 (BTW: Happy One Year Anniversary!). The show's host Mark Johnson has managed to produce more than 50 podcasts. Although Mark stressed that his podcast is not published regularly, he has managed to get about one episode per week (or one every 1.5 weeks at the least). This is extraordinary work. Christopher Boothe's GeekList is now compiling links to the games of BGTG's famous All About... shows. The All About...-shows are a special format in which one single game is discussed in depth. All (in) about 1 hour (or more). Each such show includes a detailed summary of game rules, the production quality and playing strategies. Most often, Mark is joined by a guest which makes these podcasts an entertaining and interactive format.
If you have not yet listened to a board game podcasts (and this article has sparked your interest), I recommend to visit this GeekList and download one All About... show for a game you already know and a second one for a game you do not know yet. Currently, you can choose from: RoboRally, Entdecker, Medici, Verräter, and Euphrat & Tigris.

GeekList #13268: Board Games with Scott by Scott Nicholson
This GeekList is updated by video podcast host Scott Nicholson himself. The list contains links to both the games and the shows of the Board Games with Scott episodes that review single games. Currently this covers about 90% plus of the show. My personal recommendation is the Mah-Jongg show with the famous quote "Mine, mine, mine." ;)

GeekList #13497: The Vintage Gamer by Naturelich
On the air since January 2006, The Vintage Gamer focuses on vintage board games, card games and even computer games. In his podcast, Jim Van Verth discusses one vintage game per show. While this podcast is not entirely focused on board games alone, more than 3 out of 4 shows are about board games. As an introduction, I would recommedn the Diplomacy show - it's really worth listening to!

[Update March 22nd, 2006]
GeekList #13800: Boardgame Babylon - In Depth Shows by Naturelich
Boardgame Babylon is a podcast about designer board games hosted by Eric R. Burgess (see him being a Geek of the Week), who is a longtime writer, game player and 'redesigner' of board games. The show features session reviews, "Rectangular Table Discussions" with guests and themed shows on subjects of interest to players of euro/designer/strategy games. This GeekList contains all games discussed in the series of "In Depth"-Shows. This sort of show includes an extended review and ruminations on a single game, with comments from multiple sessions. There is some discussion about strategy, plenty of opinion and some historic references. New players will be provided with a good idea of what to expect from the game. More often than not, these kinds of shows include a co-host.
Until today, two games have been discussed: Caylus and Ra.

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"Boardgames To Go...Happy One Year Anniversary!"

I knew my anniversary date was sometime in March, but honestly didn't remember I'd already passed it! My latest All About show, covering La Città with Jonathan Degann, was just posted over the weekend.

Thanks for listening!

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