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Ticket to Ride: Wild Wild West available in English

White Christmas - One of thirty event cards included in Ticket to Ride: WIld Wild West

Juanjo Roig and José Carlos de Diego have now published an English translation of their magnficient expansion to Ticket to Ride, called Wild Wild West. This expansion basically adds 30 event cards to the game which bring new life to Ticket to Ride (well, it was not dead but I have played it soooo often, it's always great to be able to add something new to the game).

If you are interested in further information about Wild Wild West, I suggest to read my original post about Wild Wild West, or the original translation as posted on this site.

Far and foremost, you should get the English version of the game. It is available on: http://ludere.ual.es/bsk/modules.php?name=Downloads&d_op=getit&lid=1210.

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May I remember I made a French translation of WWWest cards which is available on José Carlos de Diego's site. As a matter of fact I made the translation and José setted up the WWW French cards. This could be of interest for French speaking players who are numeros to look at your fantastic blog at least for those of them who can understand English. Regards.

the website is not valid

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