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Germany (No.5) - TtR unofficial expansions

Despite Alfred and Mikko getting bored and particularly ekted disliking Ticket to Ride - the game continues to inspire a lot of fans to create more unofficial maps. Due to the newly added maps (whether official or unofficial) the game still remains fresh and fascinating for me. In fact, I will give Egypt and Cuba a try before year's end and this will keep the fire burning.

Zug um Zug remains to be very popular in Germany. One can wonder about people's creativity, but many fans continue to focus their attention on their home continent or home country. This has probably something to do with (local) patriotism, I guess. At the time of this writing, there are four (and now five) different takes by fans on creating a map for Germany. Each map is a unique design and has it's own challenges.
In addition, rumor of late has it that Alan R. Moon is about to finish work on the official German map. In this case, we will again be able to compare the designer's ideas with what fans have produced...

Ticket to Ride Germany (unofficial) / Zug um Zug Deutschland (inoffiziell)
The unofficial map of Germany (by Sascha Görtz)

This fifth installment of a fan-produced map of Germany has been created by Sascha Görtz. This map is the first German map to contain ferry routes (the four earlier versions were published before TtR Europe was released). In addition, since the author originates from the very northern part of the country, there's more interconnections between northern cities. Düsseldorf is also on the map - which is Naturelich an important criterion for someone (like me) living there.

The map looks great, the design is really well done. My kudos! The map is now available via Sascha's updated forum post.

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It's the thing - some people like to play one game of hundred different games, some play one game hundred times. I'm somewhere in between, but more a diversity guy.

I do find all the Ticket to Ride fan expansions really cool, even if I'm not at all interested to try them in the end. Still, I must admire the effort people are taking!

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