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Cuba - Region Occidental

It has been quite a while since I was able to report about a new fan-produced extension to Ticket to Ride. It took some digging in the internet but I finally found a brand new map: Cuba - Region Occidental. And it's finally not a map from within Europe!

Unofficial map-extension to Ticket to Ride (Zug um Zug) by Juan Palacio

This novelty is brought to us by Juan Palacio and was originally published in Spanish game magazine Revista Tabula (issue #9). Revista Tabula also brought us the Wild Wild West expansion to Ticket to Ride.

Board layout
The Cuban map comes in a lengthier format, similar to that of the Italian map. It is 2 pages high and 4 pages wide. The board layout contains several long routes. Although several routes pass through water, the map works on the original Ticket to Ride rules.

Two sample tickets for the Cuban map

The design of the Cuban map is totally unique. It does not copy any previous unofficial maps published earlier. Earlier creations used a copy of the original Ticket to Ride scoring section. This being said, the design is simple but very appealing. The colors are well done. As most unofficial extensions this map does not include the markings for the colorblind.

All the images published here are a low quality version of the files. High quality images are available on http://ludere.ual.es/bsk. Unfortunately the files are a little bit difficult to obtain. Unlike all other extensions, you first have to register on his site and then go to this forum entry to download the files.

Zug um Zug Karte Landkarte Erweiterung Kuba

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In http://ludere.ual.es/bsk

use login/password: test



for download Ticket To Ride - Cuba Occidental.


There is a video available at youtube. It's apparently in Spanish but it shows the board in an endgame stage. Pretty neat.


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