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Austria - Unofficial map for Zug um Zug

Austria - Fan-produced, unofficial extension to Ticket to Ride (Zug um Zug).
(c) by Lukas & Daniel Köchler.
Ticket to Ride is copyright by Days of Wonder and designed by Alan R. Moon.

Austria Rail Tour is here! Ever wanted to travel to Vienna, Salzburg, Linz or Graz in Ticket to Ride? Lukas & Daniel Köchler has designed an unofficial map for Ticket to Ride. The full game includes 20 tickets plus an adjusted version of the Mystery Train cards. The map design is completely self-produced and does not reuse any of the previous styles introduced by fan-produced maps. As the authors pointed out: they have found Austria to be too small to fit an entire map of Ticket to Ride into it. Therefore, they decided to use the countries role in central Europe to connect to their neighbouring countries such as Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Croatia. The Austrian mystery train cards are relatively similar to the original expansion set. However, some adjustments were necessary to make the cards work: The Station Agent (Bahnhofsvorsteher) gives 10 points to the player who visited the most Austrian cities, while the Tycoon (Industriemagnat) scores 10 points for creating a connection between North and South (instead of East and West coast as in the original TtR).

The map can be downloaded here on the author's site.

[Note, February 2007: The link is broken. Please see comments below]

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Link is broken!

I have removed the link. If anybody is interested in the map or has seen it elsewhere on the web, please leave a comment...


Hi Bodo
I would like a link to this game please
Jeremy Laurie

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