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Carcassonne Almanac

During my holidays the Carcassonne Almanach has arrived. This almanac contains all artciles ever published in Germany's biggest gaming magazine Spielbox. This includes reviews of the original Carcassonne game and all its extensions, interviews with the game publisher and author. This includes the rare US based Carcassonne sibling The Ark of the Covenant which has recently been published in Germany, too (as Die Baumeister des Königs).

First and foremost, the almanac also includes the rare extension Die Katharer (The Cathars) and their rules. This add-on was available in one of last year's Spielbox editions. This issue has been out-of-stock for quite a while now and here is your chance to get it.

Another interesting article deals with the new Carcassonne clone Carcassonne - Neues Land which is scheduled to be released for Essen 2005. The game is not an add-on to the original game but rather an entirely new game designed by Leo Colvini.

Great news for our non-German speaking friends: The almanac also includes an English translation of all articles.

You can order the almanac by following this link.

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