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A map of Italy


Today is a wonderful day. A new map for Ticket to Ride is available. It is ...


The map was published by matmo on Boardgamegeek and is available for download here. Thanks matmo, for making this available!

The map looks great. It is very close to the original Ticket to Ride style. The cities are marked by red circles which increase in size the larger the cities get. From what I can see so far the map contains plenty of long and double routes. My initial guess is that the map plays best with four players. That's the good news.

But there is bad news: currently I was not able to find destination ticket cards. I would love to see them and then try re-building the map in one of our great TtR map-tinkering sessions...

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Please note: currently there are no destination tickets available for this map. You can use Silverpenny's Random Ticket variant to play the map anyway. For more details, please follow this link:


Thanks to Jean PAYET for pointing this out.

The map and tickets can't download


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