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Wild Wild West - A Ticket to Ride Expansion

Wild Wild West

Wild Wild West is a new fan-produced Ticket to Ride expansion. This expansion is currently only available in Spanish language but an English translation is on the way. This add-on to the original Ticket to Ride has been made available by ludere.ual.es/bsk. The PDF file has also been posted on Board Game Geek - click here to visit the Ticket to Ride section and look for one of the attached files (heading: Ticket2Ride-WildWildWestExpansion.pdf)...

Although my Spanish is not really existing, here are a few cards from this expansion:

  • Casey Jones

  • Telephone Line

  • Buffalo Bill

  • Pony Express

  • Hobo

  • Abraham Lincoln

  • John D. Rockefeller
  • Let's hope the English translation is ready soon. I hope to keep you posted...

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    I have finally found the original Wild Wild West files. I hope to be able to provide a decent translation into English / German soon. Problem is: the next weeks will be busy...

    I have finished translating Wild Wild West into English. See the trackback for full details.

    I would be very glad to translate Wild Wild West cards into French. I just need a free access to the pdf file: modification ability. I would return the translated file to be posted on your site; I have none.
    I have printed an played with all the extensions maps but a german one which I couldn't build.

    Hello Jean,
    I have forwarded your offer to José Carlos de Diego. He might contact you via email.

    Please keep me informed... :D


    Jean Payet,

    I have a preview PDF version of wild wild west in French.

    I write a email but could not be be delivered to one or more recipients. Returned all emails.

    Write me, please.

    I have not received your e-mail dated January 26, but the one with an URL which does not work. I send you again an e-mail today. Regards

    The translation into French has been completed.
    José Carlos de Diego has made the pdf file and I have checked it. I got it printed. It is super. Thanks José Carlos. I hope French TTR players will enjoy it.
    By the way, I wonder why the Silver Penny extension which is available for a while now is not listed along with WWW and TT Fly. Furthermore it is the only way to play the Italy#1 map.

    Jean, I have added an article to Silverpenny's random destination ticket variant. Check it out here: http://www.naturelich.com/games/archives/2006/02/random_destinat_1.html

    Thanks a lot for pointing this out.

    The French translation of Wild Wild West is available at BoardGameGeék, too.

    Check this out:

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