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UK extension to Ticket to Ride

Fan produced map for Ticket to Ride UK

An unofficial UK extension to Ticket to Ride has been published by David Millard on his homepage. Personally, I have been waiting a long time to play Ticket to Ride on a UK board. I really have to admit, David has done an excellent job in putting this set together. It looks beautiful and spends a lot of attention to detail and is fresh and creative:

First of all, the board contains specific rules on a triple route which leads from Birmingham to greater London. Second of all, his solution to the famous London-problem is remarkable: since London is so much bigger than other UK cities, he has created the circle line and split London into the four stations Kings Cross, Liverpool Street, Waterloo and Paddington. Another excellent game element is the corresponding circle line destination ticket which scores 6 points for a connection between three of those four stations.

In addition to the map and destination tickets, David also provides a wonderful support webpage with notes on tactics and an FAQ section. The game looks really promising and maybe this one is the next to be tinkered... I'll keep you posted ;)

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It looks quite interesting, but I'm still waiting to play TTR-Europe online...

An update has been made available recently. There was a little misprint on one of the destination tickets. In addition, David Millard has added some notes on tactics to his site. Check it out!

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