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Ticket to Fly expansion

Ticket to Fly

Zur deutschen ├ťbersetzung der Regeln

Ticket to Ride (aka Zug um Zug, aka Les Aventuriers du Rail) is also very popular in France and Belgium. Not only were they the first to publish inofficial maps but they also created Ticket to Fly, the first inofficial expansion. This set of 10 cards, which can be dowloaded from jeuxparje.free.fr consists of:

8 Tickets to Fly:

  • Los Angeles - Portland

  • Winnipeg - Toronto

  • Denver - Chicago

  • New York - Saint Louis

  • Las Vegas - Helena

  • Nashville - Miami

  • Omaha - Houston

  • Salt Lake City - Seattle
  • 2 special cards (similar to Mystery Train)

  • Un Pari Fou

  • Business Man

  • Un Pari Fou

    Here are the detailed rules (translated to English)

    The seven following standard (long) destination tickets are taken from the game.

  • Los Angeles - Chicago

  • San Francisco - Atlanta

  • Portland - Nashville

  • Los Angeles - Miami

  • Vancouver - Montreal

  • Los Angeles - New York

  • Seattle - New York
  • They are shuffled before the regular tickets are distributed. Each players gets one card. The remaining tickets are discarded to outside of the game. Each player receives three tickets from the remaining short destination routes (of the basic game). Each player has to keep a minimum of 2 cards from these four.

    The ones which have been returned are put back into the stack together with all ten Ticket to Fly cards.

    The game
    The game is being played normally, with the exception of the 10 Ticket to Fly cards:

  • 1. The eight destination tickets

  • The eight destination tickets are Flight Tickets (Tickets to Fly). Each one represents a journey by plane. These tickets are played during the course of the game, but not at the end of the game. To play one of these eight Tickets to Fly it is sufficient to play four waggons of the same color (note: it is allowed to use the trains as jokers). Two cubes are played on the board to visualize the connection (without actually using real waggons from a players stack of 45 waggons). This counts as one regular turn and the card is placed in front of the player for reference purposes.

    The authors suggest to use cubes to be put at the start and the end of the destinations.

    A Ticket to Fly automatically connects these two destinations, immediately scoring the points printed on the ticket. For example the Nashville - Miami flight ticket connects Nashville with Miami. This has a cool effect: Each waggon leaving from Miami and Nashville counts as being connected to each other.
    But these cards also have their drawbacks:
    - All Tickets to Fly which have not been played before the ending of the game score 7 minus points.
    - Each player can only play 2 tickets to fly
    - The distance connected by a Ticket to Fly does not count toward the longest route, i.e. only waggons really count

  • 2. The two special characters

  • Un Pari Fou (An insane bet)
    If you finish the game, score one point for each waggon which has not been used by one other player of your choice (at the end of the game).

    Business Man
    At the end of the game, score 10 additional points if all your tickets are completed successfully and all your waggons are connected to one another.

    Creating the game
    The authors recommend to download the tickets, print them and then plastify them for increased durability.

    Note: www.naturelich.com/games/ is not responsible for the Ticket to Fly extension. This is only a review and translation of what has been published by JeuxparJe on the internet. It is not supposed to violate any rights of JeuxparJe. Ticket to Ride is copyright by Days of Wonder. All rights reserved.

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    This expansions sounds really cool at first look. But when I think about the last games I played, the gameboard is some sort of... full! Knowing me, I think it would be no problem for me, to overlook some connections via airplane, leaving my co-players with some sort of advantage.. I'll wait for the first game reports!

    Since I am visiting Osnabr├╝ck over the Easter holidays I will probably have a good chance of testing this expansion first hand. I like the idea (theoretically) but I agree with you, these flights might be somewhat confusing as to which routes are finished and which ones are not...

    I have also translated the rules into German. A link is posted at the top of this blog entry.

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