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Fan produced European map for Ticket to Ride

Fan produced European map for Ticket to Ride
Fan produced, inofficial European map for Ticket to Ride. Ticket to Ride is a game designed by Alan R. Moon, published by Days of Wonder.

On Dangrila.com a fan produced European map has been published. The map includes such important touristic spots as Loch Ness in Scotland, Santiago de Compostela in Spain or Mont St. Michel in France. To me, it seems to have been designed with a lot of love and passion for the game. Since massive spoilers for the official European expansion for Ticket to Ride [Zug um Zug] have been announced, it is pretty save to assume that this fan produced version will not have much similarity to it. Anyway, this map definitely introduces new game tactics and strategies and some freshness until the official release is ready. I have not started to create my own version of this expansion, but if you have tried this map, please leave your comments here.

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Hi !!

I'm a French "Ticket-to-Ride" player and I find that this new european map is particularly beautiful !
I'd like to download it but it seems that there's a problem. Indeed, some of the links to half of the pages don't work ( the links named: xxx.jpg work/the links named: xxx.JPG ibn capital letters don't work).
Do you think that you can solve this problem ?

Thanks a lot !!

Arnaud, maybe you may want to forward your request to the author himself (as I am only trying to compile the info - I have not myself created any of the maps).

There is an email given on the author's page pw86 ---- at ---- gmx.com

I can't download the map and ticket. Can fix it?


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